Welcome to the official blog for Hoyt Street Properties and Hoyt Realty Group. We created the blog to provide news, photos and other content about living, working and playing in the Pearl District. For detailed information on current HOYT developments or realty, please visit our official website, hoytliving.com.

Regular contributors for this blog include:

Tiffany Sweitzer
Tiffany Sweitzer


HOYT is a leader in creating sustainable communities to encourage sound investment and support an earth-friendly lifestyle. Since 1997, it has developed more than 50% of Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District — a community that is widely recognized as one of the most successful urban revitalization projects in the world. Hoyt Yards, a 34-acre plot of what used to be abandoned rail yards and “brownfields,” is now home to 14 mixed use and condominium buildings, as well as restaurants, retail, galleries, parks and other attractions. The Hoyt Yards plan recently earned a LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) Platinum rating, the highest available. It was the fifth neighborhood plan in the US to receive LEED ND Platinum.

HOYT’s real estate arm, HOYT Realty Group, offers the widest selection of living options in the Pearl District. It represents HOYT developments, as well as other Pearl condominium properties.

Information about HOYT and HOYT Realty Group is online at hoytliving.com.


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Martin. Don’t have any other details yet; NW Examiner covered everything! When we get more details, though, we’ll be glad to post them here!

      1. The Hoyt Realty office has drawings posted in the windows along 10th.
        How about a blog on that!

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