Yes, Abigail. There is a Crane!!

by Bettie DeWitt

Thanks to Andersen jpeg

Few things warm our heart like a note from a child. This thank you note was hand-delivered by a young resident of the Pearl to Andersen Construction trailers who, along with a friend/guardian, was thoughtful enough to also bring cookies. You can only imagine how hungry those guys get, working out there in the cold and rain. Abigail enjoys the crane lights every night, she says, and just wanted the construction crew to know. Thank you, Abigail!! We are thankful for YOU!!!


2 thoughts on “Yes, Abigail. There is a Crane!!

  1. Awwwww! That *is* a heart-warming story! Thanks so much for sharing… p.s. I love the crane lights too!

    1. I agree, I LOVE those lights! I wish they’d keep them up all the time but I suppose red and green won’t look so seasonal in, say, July. Thanks for writing, Patricia!

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