Christmas Tree Lot NOW OPEN!!

by Bettie DeWitt


Although Lee Nofziger has had to move his Christmas tree lot because of  all the construction, he and his beautiful freshly cut trees are still in the neighborhood at the corner of NW Raleigh and 14th, just north of the Ramona Apartments. That’s Lee in the photo above with one of his nephews; this is truly a family affair. They cut the trees themselves on their own farm so the greenery is Certifiably FRESH! The trees are so reasonably priced that it’s time again to BUY LOCAL!IMG_7528



That’s Command Central, at the back of the lot. You can imagine how cold they are!!! Say you’re a Friend of HOYT and he’ll give you an even better deal!!! Please stop by and get a tree or a wreath (or two!!) from the Friendliest Guy in Town.


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