Pretty in Pink Party at Tanner Springs Park!

by Bettie DeWitt

Photo: B. Bagnall
Photo: B. Bagnall
Photo: Doug Shapiro
Photos: Doug Shapiro

Tanner Springs Park is such a beautiful, unique space – so many events are held here, some planned, some impromptu. Held a few weeks ago, with the Pinnacle, Encore, Lexis, Fremont Bridge and the construction of The Cosmopolitan as a backdrop, this group is taking dining al fresco to new heights. Although we don’t know either the hosts or the attendees, we love the hats and the dyed-to-match mohawk on the server, the pink gauze on the table, the bright dahlias, the tropical sunset colors in everyone’s attire. The straw hat on the man with the mustache and the orange top hat on the whippersnapper look particularly festive, along with the pinky-orange locks at the end of the table.

Pretty in Pink DS3

What’s on the menu? Maybe red velvet cakeor strawberry mousse? Poached salmon or rare roast beef? Beets, radicchio or rhubarb or red potatoes? Cantaloupe or watermelon? Certainly pink lemonade and chilled rosé in the glasses! Perhaps even the goldfish were treated to a makeover.

Such a lovely party – we’re willing to bet that fun was had by all!



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