Portland Fashion Week 2014 Fall

by Bettie DeWitt

via Portland Fashion Week
via Portland Fashion Week

Just a reminder….Portland Fashion Week 2014 Fall is in full swing, this year “Under the Tents” at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Doors open at 5:00, all events start at 7:00.

Tonight, Tuesday, September 30th –  Ready to Wear. Tomorrow night, Wednesday October 1st – Couture and Bridal and Thursday, October 2nd – The Art Institute of Portland. Tickets on sale now on the site or at several locations noted On their site.

via just-like.net
via just-like.net

2 thoughts on “Portland Fashion Week 2014 Fall

    1. Yes, Portland’s very hip, very important in the fashion world! We’ve had seven entrants and four winners on Lifetime channel’s Project Runway! Winners have included Leanne Marshall in Season 5, Seth Aaron Henderson in Season 7, Gretchen Jones, Season 8 and Michelle Lesniak Franklin in Season 11. Tim Gunn says it’s Portland’s “high cultural intellectual base” and the designers think it’s our independent pioneer spirit. Probably a little of both and a whole lot of Portland odd which, in this case, translates into creativity and individuality. Thanks for commenting, Candace!

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