Holiday Lights Going Up!

by Bettie DeWitt

Tanner-Springs-Park2 c'mas lights
via Pearl District Neighborhood Association

No place is prettier than the Pearl District in the fall and winter. No place. Maybe Paris – but that’s IT. Flower baskets come down and snowflakes go up. Tanner Springs Park freezes over and the wreaths go up on the fence of rail tracks. A tree goes up in Jamison Park and carols are sung. Chestnuts get roasted on an open… That one’s not true. But you can go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, as long as the bridges are open.

For many of us, the best part is the twinkly lights get wrapped around the trunks and branches of our trees. They go up early and stay up well into the new year and are on all day. Hoyt Street Yards Community Association supports all of this and every year they deserve our thanks. Work has already begun and the MSI crews will be onsite every afternoon and evening (3 to 10 pm) until they get it all done. Impact will be minimal and when you see those men at work, be sure to thank them. We certainly do!!

As the days get shorter and shorter, the lights add some glitter to those inevitable dark days to come. Enjoy!

Photo: Elliott Schofield
Photo: Elliott Schofield

4 thoughts on “Holiday Lights Going Up!

  1. I love all of the twinkly lights! And the beautiful flower baskets too. Thanks for reminding us of what we can look forward to when they are done putting up all of the lights!

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