Labor Day weekend – Free Movies and Art in the Pearl!!

by Bettie DeWitt

The Portland Film Festival will be hosting three free film screenings this weekend in The Fields Park. There will be live music (which starts at 5) and food will be available! All movies start at sunset. Start the popcorn!!!

Mon Ami One SheetOn Friday, the film is Mon Ami. Two friends try executing their ‘get rich quick’ plan by kidnapping their boss’ daughter but when the plan falls apart they must scramble to fix the situation and repair their friendship.*

Forev filmSaturday’s film is Forev. Sophie and Pete get engaged on their first date, which is a 6-hour drive through the desert. And then nothing goes wrong… nothing at all.*

On Sunday, it’s the world premiere of Growing Cities. This is a documentary film that examines the role of urban farming in America and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change the way we eat.* 

Art in the Pearl logoAnd don’t forget Art in the Pearl, our fine arts and crafts extravaganza, held each year on labor Day weekend in the North Park blocks on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Art In The Pearl has been named one of the top 10 Arts and Crafts Festivals in the country and the event fills the site with art, theater, music, and hands-on activities for people of all ages.

So get out and have fun! After Monday, no white…..remember!

*Story lines and photos courtesy of IMDB.


2 thoughts on “Labor Day weekend – Free Movies and Art in the Pearl!!

  1. I wonder what Hoyt is doing about the idea of moving the “campers” to an area beneath/adjacent to the Broadway Bridge?


    1. Hoyt has been working non-stop on this issue for the last two days. Homelessness is a City-wide issue that needs further discussion and long term solutions versus a hasty move to dump this group under a bridge that is dark, hidden and does not get adequate traffic or attention.
      Legal council has been hired and a letter protesting the legality of this move and the lack of process was sent late today to the Mayor and all City Commissioners.
      We ask for the neighborhood’s help in contacting the Mayor and Commissioners to let them know the members of the neighborhood are not happy with the process and the lack of vetting of their plan, and some of the potential impacts.
      To learn more about this evolving issue, please click through to the PDNA’s site: P

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