Hosmer Chiropractic – Now OPEN in a New Location

by Bettie DeWitt

Hosmer Chiropractic at the Met

Hosmer Chiropractic Health has moved from its previous location in the Lexis to the Metropolitan (1030 NW Marshall Street at the corner of NW 11th, 503-227-2279).

After a HUGE build-out in a previously naked space, Dr. Seth Hosmer and Dr. Phil DeVasto, along with their group of hard-working health professionals, opened their doors Monday without a breath of space between closing in one location last Friday and opening in another on Monday. Whew! We need a massage just thinking about it!!

Speaking of massages, they put in a second floor for the masseurs/masseuses. What a big change!

What hasn’t changed is their dedication to restoring your health and relieving your pain. Besides chiropractic services (relieving pain from sports, accidents, whiplash, back and neck pain and headaches), they offer coaching for endurance athletes (cyclists and triathaletes) and offer bike fittings to minimize or eliminate the pain caused from cycling with an ill-fitting bike.

Several types of massage are on their menu and all sound relaxing – deep tissue, sports, pin and stretch, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Call or just walk in without an appointment. They can help!


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