Great Blue Heron

by Bettie De Witt

Photo: Shaun Sjostrom
Photo: Shaun Sjostrom

Returning for the second year, our occasional visitor to Tanner Springs Park is back. This magnificent creature, a Great Blue Heron, was captured in these two photos by a resident of Streetcar Lofts, Shaun Sjostrom. Like many of us, he clearly has chosen the NW corner of Portland because of the neighborhood, spring weather and the occasional tasty fish.  

Photo: Shaun Sjostrom

These photos of Shaun’s were sent via Kathy Hansen who thought he was so calm and easy going that she called the Audubon Society in case he might be sick. I guess he’s not, just happy standing in the water, remaining virtually motionless until a fish meanders by. Then….strike! 

He is a WOW, that’s for sure. Thanks to our neighbor with a keen eye (and a great talent for photography) for capturing him in all his glory! 


8 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. he’s amazingly calm.
    I got within a foot of him and he kept waiting for his fish to appear.
    as long as you are quiet and non-threartening, he doesn’t fly off
    until he’s made his catch.
    the goldfish are seriously depleted now.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying our guest, too. Yesterday I saw someone throwing bread into the water for the fish. As you know, this practice fouls the water and will also kill the fish. In the grand scheme of things, I’d rather the goldfish succumb to the heron. Thanks for commenting, Martin!

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