The Fields Park – Obsessed!!

by Bettie DeWitt

OK we are a little obsessed with the Fields Park transformation. Each day it’s a little more finished, a little more polished, a little more planted. Soon spring will be bustin’ out all over – new leaves on the trees, flowers in bloom, short sleeves. Until then, there are rocky paths, shiny slides, ropy bridges. And geese.

Photo: Elliott Schofield
Photo: Elliott Schofield
Photo: Elliott Schofield
Photo: Elliott Schofield

Opening is still slated for March 15th. We’ll notify you in advance as to the timing of the ceremony! You lucky residents of the Encore, Pinnacle, Bridgeport and the Metropolitan, of course, will have front row seats!!

We are all very excited to watch the continuing growth of our little magical corner of the Pearl!!


6 thoughts on “The Fields Park – Obsessed!!

  1. Is The Fields Park still planning for its Grand Opening on Friday, March 15th? We have not yet heard any details regarding the schedule of events for the opening ceremony, and were interested in those details so that we may participate. Thank You!!

    1. Hi Ken and Rhonda! Alas, today I’m told that, at best, the opening on Friday March 15th will be “soft” and the real opening, the one with balloons and dancing, will be on May 17th. I believe the fence will come down sooner that that, however. Perhaps that’s part of the “soft” opening!! We live in hope!

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